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Silk Sari Wrap Skirts

  • Not just a skirt. Multi-function wear. These gorgeous sari wrap-around skirts can also be tied to be a top, dress, and more. Check out more ways to tie your Sari wrap skirt. 
  • 100 % Recycled Artificial Silk Fabric.
  • Available in 3 Length ( Mini , Medium/Tea, Ankle ). Custom Size also make on order basis

Indian Vintage Silk Wrap around magic long skirts for women, its free size wraps Reversible Tie skirts.

Our skirt is handmade by our co-ops in India out of recycled saris and turned into the beautiful finished skirts. With your help, these artisans are able to sustain year-round employment. Every skirt is truly an original made with exotic reclaimed materials.

This skirt has the unique combination of designs and final touch of thread work on its corners which makes the product look artistically awesome. Tones of fabric that packs down to nothing, so perfect for traveling!


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