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Jain Cloth House is a family-owned business. Previously we are in retail business. In 2015, We started our small manufacturing units and exports ladies garments. However, today, the company’s young directors have brought the company to new heights and they aim and work to take on the textile world by a storm with the help of knowledge and expertise of the elders. After all, secrets are passed down through generations and that is how we have established a strong global presence.

We are an empowering, bold and forward thinking manufacturer, inspired by real life. We design and create product informed by you, our customers, our friends and global influences: Catwalk, celebrity, social media, bloggers and street style, creating an online fashion destination that encompasses and celebrates everything it means to be a girl in a digitally immersed world today.

We don’t just conduct business. We build relations, partnerships that last. The textile industry needs utmost attention to detail, designs, and above all, quality. From the top executives in the company to our tailors, everyone understands the importance of delivering perfection. Making women’s clothing has been our top priority but we are also delving into other like men’s fashion and home textiles too.

Our Mission / Vision


With the right drive, passion, and vision, the impossible can become possible. Our vision is to achieve excellence day in and day out, for our client’s satisfaction. We want to be the preferred destination for trading houses, brand owners, and retail chains for all things garments. That is what we work towards achieving every day.

  • To grow exponentially in the textile industry across the globe
  • To help our clients build their brands by providing high-end quality products
  • To minimize input costs, maximize output, and focus on helping the customers grow
  • To focus on client satisfaction by delivering what is needed and more
  • To keep a personalized approach in handling all ventures within the company and outside with clients
  • To enhance performance of employees by treating them as whole persons and fulfilling their needs- physical (pay package & resources), mental (training & empowerment), emotional (inspiration & motivation) & spiritual (noble cause)

Meet our team

Virendra Kumar Jain


Rahul Jain

Managing Director

Himanshu Jain

Managing Director

Sunil Gupta

Director Accounts (CA)

Saroj Jain


Preeti Gupta


Juhi Jain

E-Commerce Operations

Aarti Jain

E-Commerce Operations